Welcome to 7k Metals

7k Metals' mission is to provide individuals with an opportunity for financial independence and wealth preservation through affordable and convenient access to precious metals like gold and silver while building a community via its trusted platform.


About 7k Metals

About 7k Metals

Welcome to 7k Metals, your one-stop platform for wealth preservation, growth, and an exciting opportunity to create a secondary income stream. Our mission is clear and unique: to make owning precious metals like gold and silver not just accessible but also affordable for everyone while creating a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about stacking assets and creating a legacy. Most people in the world feel they should…

7k metals management team

7k Metals Executive Team

The 7k culture is built on a belief.  Our core belief is woven into every decision and instilled into every member of our organization. What is the core brand of 7k?  What is our symbol of belief?  The loyalty of our members is linked directly to the connection they have with our message. When 7k brands our vision appropriately, we “burn our identity into the flesh of the customer.”…

7k metals products

7k Metals Products

7k Metals provides a comprehensive range of gold and silver products that cater to diverse wealth strategies. Our selection includes rounds, ingots, and bars, all of which are IRS-approved for self-directed retirement options. Many of these products can be purchased on any budget through the soundmoney® wallet and can also be liquidated at the click of a button.  Additionally, we offer an array of incredibly rare and artistic collectible…

7k Sound Money


soundmoney® is a revolutionary platform at the forefront of modernizing how gold and silver assets are purchased and managed, empowering individuals with any budget to take control of their financial future. With a mission to bridge the gap between old and cold gold and silver practices and new-age digital technology, soundmoney® provides a user-friendly interface and innovative tools to make purchasing, managing, and liquidating gold and silver easier than…

7k Stack and Sell

Stack and Sell

Stack and Sell is a specialized online marketplace that is solely dedicated to rare and collectible coins. With a clear focus on numismatics, Stack and Sell provides a user-friendly platform for enthusiasts and collectors to buy and sell unique and valuable coins. At the heart of Stack and Sell is their commitment to curating a diverse selection of rare coins from around the world. Collectors can explore a wide…

in kind foundation

In Kind Foundation

The In Kind Foundation is a dedicated organization committed to making a positive impact on communities in need. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, they provide essential resources and support to address pressing social issues. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, the In Kind Foundation ensures that every donation and contribution directly benefits those who require assistance the most. Their nimble and agile approach allows them to swiftly respond…