About 7k Metals

About 7k Metals

Welcome to 7k Metals, your one-stop platform for wealth preservation, growth, and an exciting opportunity to create a secondary income stream. Our mission is clear and unique: to make owning precious metals like gold and silver not just accessible but also affordable for everyone while creating a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about stacking assets and creating a legacy.

Most people in the world feel they should own some gold or silver, but most don’t because they don’t know where to buy it, what to buy, who to trust, or they are scared to get hurt; 7k gives newcomers to gold and silver the confidence they need to start their journey and ultimately build the legacy that most desire.

In the unpredictable world of financial markets, we at 7k Metals understand precious metals’ timeless value and security, and opportunity. Gold and silver are not just treasures from the past; they are asset classes that have proven their value repeatedly. This understanding, along with our commitment to making precious metals ownership straightforward and seamless, forms the bedrock of our company.

Established in 2016, our Idaho-based company has built a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and convenience. With us, you’re not just stacking precious metals; you’re joining a community of people who appreciate the value of tangible assets and understand the importance of wealth preservation and growth.

Why 7k Metals? Well, it’s simple. We make it EXTREMELY easy to start your journey on any budget.  But beyond affordability, we also provide an intriguing business opportunity. As a member, you have the chance to share this experience with others, encouraging them to enhance their financial capabilities as well. It takes some work but is as simple as sharing the 7k story to start getting some side money. 

Our members comprise diverse individuals, from those new to precious metals and seasoned collectors to those looking to protect their wealth and even those seeking a new income opportunity. Whether you are a coin collector drawn by the aesthetic and historical allure of numismatic treasures or an average family seeking a reliable asset to hedge against inflation, 7k Metals is the place for you.

Furthermore, we believe in educating our community. Our platform provides our members with knowledge and insights about precious metals, coin collections, and wealth management. This allows our members to make informed decisions, strengthening their financial intelligence and confidence.

By becoming a part of the 7k Metals community, you are not just purchasing precious metals; you are investing in yourself, making a commitment to wealth preservation, and potentially creating a new source of income.

So, are you interested in gold and silver? Are you fascinated by the beauty of coins and their rich history? Do you want a way to help more people and make some side hustle money? Do you desire a safer, more reliable way to protect and grow wealth? If so, join us at 7k Metals. Our doors are always open to individuals who share our passion and vision.

Remember, at 7k Metals; we’re not just about business; we’re about building a community of individuals who believe in the value of precious metals, understand the importance of financial independence, and are eager to grow their wealth.

Welcome to a future of ultimate legacy building through empowerment and assets. Welcome to 7k Metals.

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