7k metals management team

7k Metals Executive Team

The 7k culture is built on a belief.  Our core belief is woven into every decision and instilled into every member of our organization. What is the core brand of 7k?  What is our symbol of belief?  The loyalty of our members is linked directly to the connection they have with our message. When 7k brands our vision appropriately, we “burn our identity into the flesh of the customer.”  

It is no wonder 7k is catching fire in the marketplace.  We share our organization with the communities we live in.  We are growing at a rapid pace because we have been effective in telling the compelling story of the importance of having trust, ethics, and integrity in the consumer marketplace.  If we continue to anchor our motivation in this root and follow through with a strict adherence to a strong discipline, the entire 7k organization will follow our lead. 

Meet the Executive Team

7k Metals Founder’s Story

Josh Anderson | Co-Founder

Josh Anderson is a serial entrepreneur in a wide range of private industries
that spans decades. He is fiercely competitive but has both a passion and
a respect for ensuring integrity and ethics in the marketplace. Because of
his longstanding commitment to the spirit of free enterprise, Josh is
constantly driving 7k’s innovation and finding new opportunities for the

Christi Ball | Managing Board Member

Christi Ball possesses the rare skillset of being able to implement the best
practices of successful generational family enterprises. Her
entrepreneurial genetic DNA is a secret weapon of 7k. Her passion for
corporate citizenship is both sincere and genuine. She is one of the most
philanthropic individuals in corporate America. Why? Because she lives
her life with purpose, zeal, and commitment.

Roger Ball | Co-Founder

Roger Ball has dedicated his entire life to building successful enterprises.
Roger’s “Can do” spirit has literally created a generation of business
leaders. He innovates, he inspires, he transforms, he builds, and most
importantly, he enhances people’s lives. Roger Ball is a true entrepreneur
patriarch, and 7k will prove to be his most notable bookend to his incredible

Zach Davis | Co-Founder

Zach Davis is the engine of our company. It is rare for successful
companies to be led by leaders who equally possess the perfect
combination of hard work and genuine sincerity. Zach elevates everyone
around him. He cannot be outworked, but to Zach, work is fun and
rewarding. With a deep respect for the outdoors, Zach is full of life, and to
those lucky enough to be alongside him, he is committed to making the
world a better place, one individual at a time.

Jayson Arfmann | CEO

Jayson Arfman casts a global vision and has the experience to back it up.
Having built multi-million-dollar international markets, Jayson’s experience
spans the globe. Jayson’s instincts are razor-sharp and his command of
building world-class teams is backed up by decades of experience.

Richard Hansen | Co-Founder

Richard Hansen’s passion for Gold & Silver spans more than four decades. And with what many close to him have described as “The Modern Day Miracle,” Richard’s path collided with one of Idaho’s most legendary businessmen, Roger Ball, who’s vision was equally partnered by business experts Josh Anderson and Zach Davis.  Richard’s commitment to 7k’s success continues to motivate everyone with whom he encounters.  By adjoining Richard’s passion with Roger Ball’s innovation; the leadership of both Josh Anderson & Zach Davis, the foundation was established to launch what has become a multi-national enterprise.  The contribution of Richard Hansen to 7k has been both critical and profound, in large part because of an unwavering passion for helping others achieve success. 

Reed Denning | COO

Reed Denning’s operational efficiencies increase to new levels every month. He
knows efficiency and, more importantly, knows how to motivate those
around him to dig a little deeper. He also knows finance and is acutely alert
when negotiating on behalf of the company. As 7k expands into new
markets and innovates new products, Reed is laser focused when setting
the fine print for the company.

Jim Dalton | General Counsel

Jim Dalton’s professional pedigree spans multiple industries and is
internationally known. With a deep understanding of corporate law, Jim’s
unique talent of navigating the regulatory waters of complex industries is
anchored in ethics and integrity.

Blake Davis | CSMO

Blake Davis is the genius connectivity between telling the remarkable story
of the company’s rich heritage and expanding the sales teams in new markets
across the globe. Blake has a remarkable skillset of threading the entire
management team together under one unified vision. His ability to build,
strengthen, and amplify is both battle-tested and proven. Blake
understands building a culture of next-generation storytellers.