In 2016, our Founders: Zach Davis, Roger Ball, Josh Anderson, and Richard Hansen, began 7k Metals in Idaho Falls, Idaho. All of them walked into the endeavor with years of experience within the world of direct selling under their belts, and have successfully steered the company into its 7th year in business as of 2023.

We have expanded into a company with a widespread audience ranging across the US. Today, we have active customers and 7k Members in the UK, Mexico, Australia, and Canada, and we’re far from done. Everyday we’re striving to bring more and more of the world into our business, so that we can bring our business to more of the world.

We offer a variety of options to buy gold and silver at competitive prices, directly from professional grading sources and world mints, and the added benefits of Membership perks and pricing.

We strive to encourage our Members to become their best selves, to use our model to help as many people as we can, and to relieve the financial burdens on families across the globe as they get educated on the benefits of sound money (gold and silver). By becoming 7k Associates, Members can earn commission checks for their sharing our message, $500+/week. We also offer Loyalty Points, which are accumulated by Members whenever they make a purchase, including our AutoSaver program purchases, or recommending 7k to others and having them purchase through the Member’s personalized website. Loyalty Points can be exchanged for gold and silver.